The ultimate metric to measure the success of Integrated Drug Discovery (IDD) project is the capacity to create intellectual property and value to our customers (e.g., identification of a lead compound demonstrating low nM activity under in vitro conditions and exhibiting statistically significant in vivo efficacy in a pathophysiologically-relevant disease model).

Successful IDD projects rely on efficient integration of various disciplines, medicinal chemistry experience, operational excellence and a pragmatic approach. o2h discovery has taken a modular approach while establishing its IDD services to offer our clients maximum flexibility in their outsourcing decision.

Each of the varied module of the drug discovery process is available as a unique point of entry individually as a subset of services or as the traditional drug discovery pathway from hit identification through to lead generation and beyond. Our expertise includes – medicinal chemistry, hit identification, lead generation/optimisation, computational chemistry, in-vitro enzymatic and cell-based screening, DMPK and in-vivo models in multiple therapeutic areas. o2h discovery doesn’t have an animal facility, the in-life phase for PK studies as well as in-vivo efficacy studies are done with CROs with whom we have a preferred relationship for the past several years.

o2h discovery has strategic ties with several CROs in India and can help clients advance their projects to an IND application stage through chemical process scale-up and development (both GMP and non-GMP), bioanalytical studies, formulation approaches, safety-pharmacology and toxicology studies, clinical trial supplies, and medical writing. To know more about this, please write to us at