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a closely integrated community of founders, students, academics, experienced entrepreneurs, senior managers, mentors, angels and VC’s

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we are located in a stunning ancient english woodland where we have painstakingly restored some unloved heritage buildings on a site going back to the domesday. Hauxton house is a boutique co-working space supported by high specification labs to create a genuinely unique environment for creativity


we are quite obsessive about playing our part in the creation of a global collaborative community around innovation because we believe it’s the cross fertilisation of ideas across boundaries that spurs exciting new ideas, and well.., we just can’t help doing what we love..


the model is not overtly structured, it’s more customised and a little serendipitous, just plug in, and contribute to the ecosystem we are part of and want to develop.. the mentoring will just flow.. it’s in our DNA..

o2h group announced to the world India’s first-of-a-kind conference for Collaborative Innovation in Science, Technology & Social Enterprise to be held in Ahmedabad, India. o2h group is collaborating with others in Ahmedabad to build a community of fearless innovators from a wide range of fields. The core theme of the conference is that innovations work best when people collaborate, share and work together across boundaries in their local clusters. o2h group is inviting passionate scientists, techies, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, community-workers, artists, engineers, academics, investors, journalists, lawyers, accountants, architects and big businesses with a collective passion to design and shape new discoveries that impact society.