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We are constantly innovating our people, project management and technology models leading to outstanding results for our collaborators. The world’s first app based technology platform Chemistry in the CloudTM enables us to work together to make faster decisions. Our deep understanding that an early and intensive evaluation of target molecules based on real insight into the science will lead to faster downstream execution. The result is a higher throughput of successful drug-like compounds.

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Opal Oncology is a drug discovery company incorporated in 2012 and is based in Cambridge, UK. We have a vision for discovering and in-licensing small molecule cancer therapies.

Therapeutics news

News about theraputics coming soon.


March 14th 2019 04:03:04

RT @MarkRobertWarne: Huw, our new Development Manager, comes face-to-face with a round bottom flask @RealTimeChem @deepmattergroup https://…


March 14th 2019 04:03:26

RT @MarkRobertWarne: Hello #o2hCollaborativeInnovation. Great to be able to tell you about @o2hventures investment in @deepmattergroup http…


March 12th 2019 08:03:50

@MarkRobertWarne Looking forward to hearing from you in the panel discussing about some exciting stuff in AI and S… https://t.co/G9SM2TeIK0


March 12th 2019 08:03:16

The Panel on Innovation in Arts, Architecture, Food, Fashion & Film, is going to be really glamorous yet artistic.… https://t.co/DlZnlf4S53


March 8th 2019 03:03:03

Celebrating international women’s day with team lunch at Barbeque nation! Wishing all women.. a very happy #women’s… https://t.co/4FmsCU4vU6


March 8th 2019 02:03:44

The panel Artificial Intelligence - Where Next, is going to be very exciting as we are going to dig deeper not just… https://t.co/UW36uvbJm4


March 7th 2019 10:03:28

Panel- Seed Investing- What Works and What Can Be Learnt?

Panelists include- @sunilshah123 @anandbhadalkar… https://t.co/V6RqtgU3Vy


March 4th 2019 02:03:02

Be a part of o2h's one of a kind innovation conference. The teaser is out now!- https://t.co/00gjABQyMkhttps://t.co/rwrmyC5q1J


March 1st 2019 01:03:05

Look for the best in their fields- discussing about the topic profoundly and putting their heart out in the form of… https://t.co/Rc21m6QbpH


February 28th 2019 09:02:04

We are pleased to announce that the second o2h innovation conference is being held on 14th of March, 2019.

Be a p… https://t.co/0sXQH3HikI