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Every member of our development team is the graduate of a top Indian IT University. We hand pick the brightest minds, and then train them in the latest technologies and techniques. Each member of our spends time working in two or more disciplnes, to give them a broader understanding of the total technology stack. Over the years we have built mobile apps, CRM’s, social media networks, intranets, project management tools, stock management systems, HR analytics, employee communications, and many more. We have particular strengths in recruitment, HR, talent, employer branding, communications, and scientific applications, however we have the analytical and project delivery skills to work in nearly any area or vertical.

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We are a not just techies, we are pioneers in our own right. We have build, run and sold many of our own companies, products and services over the years, and continue to invest back into the technology and scientific community through funding and mentorship programs.

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Using Agile Methodology we ensure continues customer satisfy software delivery


Using Agile Methodology we ensure continuous customer satisfactory software delivery

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Cengiz Tarhan

Cengiz set up FreeMedic PLC in 1993 which he grew over 25 years and is now known as UCL Business PLC, one of the most proli c and successful technology groups in the UK serving UCL and its associated partner hospitals. Over those years Cengiz was directly involved in many licenses and spinouts including PolyMASC Pharmaceuticals PLC, one of the rst university spin-outs to oat on the London AIM in 1995, Medic to Medic Ltd which was sold to Informa PLC in 2005 and Stanmore Implants Worldwide Limited which was acquired by Abingworth and MDY Healthcare in February 2008. More recently UCLB has been at the vanguard of creating the most promising cancer and gene therapy biotechs in the UK including three

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Using Agile Methodology we ensure continuous

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A new way for organisations to drive their company values


A new way for organisations to drive their company values


A new way for organisations to drive their company values


A new way for organisations to drive their company values