policy overview:

o2h group is a community aware company and has been working with various organisations on a number of programmes.

We understand that we have a contribution to make to the community and society in which we do our work, not at some unspecified point in the future, but now, and as part of our life journey, however small that contribution is. o2h Group encourages contribution, partnerships and connections with NGOs and the community. 

We have been active with a number of local organisations, including – HIV orphanage, old-people’s homes, organisations supporting women’s rights in disadvantaged areas of the city etc.

Along with sustained economic performance, environmental and social stewardship is also a critical factor for holistic business growth. With this approach, the group has committed to allocate at least 2% of its average net profits before taxes of the preceding three financial years, towards CSR activities to sustain and improve a healthy and prosperous environment and to improve the quality of life of the communities it serves.

Company has prepared a CSR policy which states down its objectives, mission, composition of committee, implementation guidelines, governance mechanism of CSR programs and its reviews. Company plans to focus on social activities falling within the ambit of schedule VII of Companies Act 2013 that derives & drives sustainable value in society and the environment. The areas of intervention shall be restricted to the activities stated in Schedule VII. However, the entries in the Schedule VII shall be interpreted liberally so as to capture the essence of the subjects enumerated therein. Some of the initiatives taken by o2h Discovery towards CSR are:

Environmental Sustainability: o2h group continually works at analysing and reducing its carbon footprint and has also set a goal to become carbon neutral in near future.

o2h group tree plantation dhedhal

The fact that land around the world has been subject to rampant and heart-breaking deforestation has elevated the need to protect the environment at this point in time. As a socially and environmentally responsible company, we have decided to contribute to environmental sustainability by becoming a net zero company in near future. We are aiming to plant 1 lac trees in India in the years to come and to begin with we have planted more than 10 thousand trees in various regions of Gujarat in conjunction with local NGOs and communities who are dedicatedly working towards conserving the environment.

Healthcare / Disaster Management: During the stringent lockdown observed across India due to the covid-19 pandemic, o2h group stepped up and collaborated with its partner NGOs based out of Ahmedabad to provide food aid to the people in need. We also contributed towards other healthcare …

For more details, please read our CSR Policy – click here

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