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o2h group seeds new ideas in science, technology and green innovation. We work across boundaries and take a collaborative and shared approach to innovation, and therefore we co-invest, co-create and co-execute to bring these ideas to life. o2h group is organised into 6 symbiotic verticals; o2h ventures, o2h discovery, o2h therapeutics, o2h technology, o2h co-work, and o2h community.

Press Release – Curza and o2h discovery announce a multi-FTE chemistry collaboration against gram negative


An S/EIS fund focused on seeding early stage biotech therapeutics and related AI opportunities.


An integrated chemistry and biology services capability for collaborative innovation.


Customised software development services including both web and mobile apps covering all phases from design, build to adoption.


Newco co-curation and spin around of unloved/novel pre-seed ideas and IP for later seed stage funding.


Shaping one of the region's most exciting community of entrepreneurs in life-science, technology and green innovation.


o2h group is a community aware company and has been working with various organisations on a number of programmes.


The DNA of o2h group is centred around the nurturing of its people, values and culture, it reflects in the way we work with each other, as well as our collaborators and partners.

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