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Biotech businesses benefit society by addressing unmet scientific and medical needs. However, there remains untapped potential for accelerating the market adoption of their breakthrough solutions.

In the dynamic world of biotechnology, startups emerge as the pioneers of innovation, pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery. These prospective ventures bring new perspectives, game-changing novel drug/therapeutic concepts, and the development of novel chemical entities (NCEs) to the table. However, the path from concept to success is frequently loaded with difficulties for the small molecule based biotech startups. Recognizing this, the emphasis on increasing the viability of early stage biotech businesses has never been more important.

Impact on Industries

These seed early stage biotechs could have a significant impact on the future of healthcare, agriculture, and other industries. They possess the key to creating transformational answers to some of the major global crises, for example the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the path to achievement is not without challenges. Financial limits, regulatory difficulties, fewer facilities for research centers, a lack of expertise, and tough competition frequently slow down the success of potential biotech startups.

Financial Pathway & Challenges

Financial assistance through various grants, angel investments, VC funding rounds, mentorship opportunities, and access to cutting-edge facilities can significantly improve their R&D capabilities and help them achieve their next scientific milestone. This not only ensures the scalability of their projects, but it also positions them as appealing investment opportunities. Furthermore, tailored support programs and initiatives can provide the boost that these startups require to thrive. 

The o2h kickstarter competition:

o2h discovery realises that to overcome these hurdles and unlock the full potential of biotech entrepreneurs, a systematic approach and customised assistance is required. The o2h kickstarter competition was launched back in 2022 to supercharge small-molecule-focused biotech startups that have secured initial funding, empowering them to advance their chemistry efforts and reach the next funding milestone.

the o2h kickstarter competition

The o2h kickstarter competition has completed 4 editions covering the UK, Australia, Israel, and Italy and has awarded more than 10 kickstarter awards and assisted the biotech startups in boosting their chemistry research projects and program. The o2h kickstarter competition was not only able to accelerate their chemistry research program and support them in reaching their next funding milestone but also in advancing the lead program quickly.


It’s great to see that o2h kickstarter helps early-stage biotech startups build strong collaborations. Collaboration is frequently an important factor in the success of biotech startups because it can provide the necessary funding, expertise, and resources for research and development. o2h kickstarter can help early-stage biotech companies grow and succeed by assisting them in establishing and maintaining these collaborations. As an example, consider the following testimonials from previous Kickstarter edition winners:

the o2h kickstarter competition

In conclusion, the success of biotech startups is pivotal for the advancement of science and technology. By strategically addressing the challenges they face and providing tailored support, we can amplify their success potential. Elevating these promising ventures not only drives innovation but also contributes to solving some of the most pressing global challenges. As we invest in the success of biotech startups, we invest in a brighter, healthier future for us all.

To know more about the competition, please visit the o2h kickstarter competition-5.0, and to apply, write us at

How the o2h kickstarter is empowering these early-stage biotech startups:

To assist with some of the above mentioned issues and to provide the necessary support to the early-stage biotech startups, o2h discovery launched the o2h kickstarter program aims to provide significant assistance and support to these early-stage biotech startups in several ways, including:

  • A dedicated team of 6 chemists

  • Access to Expertise

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities

  • Save Time and Efficiency

  • Inventory Access

And many more…

The specialised team at o2h discovery has a broad array of experience in preparing small molecule Novel Chemical Entities (NCEs) with the requisite high quality specifications. 

An opportunity for USA-based early-stage biotech startups

The o2h kickstarter competition 5.0: With our latest edition, o2h kickstarter competition 5.0, we are looking forward to bringing our biotech startup support mechanism to one of the largest and most thriving biotech ecosystems globally: the USA.

o2h Kickstarter competition 5.0 is being launched to support USA-based early-stage biotech companies that have secured initial funding, have exciting drug targets, and can scale but need expert services to supercharge their chemistry efforts to meet the next scientific and funding milestones. 

We have received many applications from USA-based biotech startups, which are under-evelaution with our kickstarter evaluation committee. We look forward to supporting these startups in achieving their next scientific milestone and helping them get off the ground. 

the o2h kickstarter competition

Launching the 2nd edition of the o2h kickstarter competition 5.0: 

The response we received from these early-stage biotech startups in the USA for our kickstarter competition has inspired us to extend further this kickstarter competition opportunity to empower more innovative early-stage biotech with the aim of supporting the next cohort to get off the ground. We recently launched the 2nd edition of the kickstarter competition 5.0 for the next wave of thriving biotechs who want to advance novel drug discovery programs in their pipeline.

Read more –

the o2h kickstarter competition

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