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We are constantly innovating our people, project management and technology models leading to outstanding results for our collaborators. The world’s first app based technology platform Chemistry in the cloudTM enables us to work together to make faster decisions. Our deep understanding that an early and intensive evaluation of target molecules based on real insight into the science will lead to faster downstream execution. The result is a higher throughput of successful drug-like compounds.

ADME screening services

In vitro facilities at o2h provide ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion) to provide faster and improved decision making points for our chemistry clients or standalone offering to support drug discovery programs.

We offer cost-efficient standardized and customized assays as per the client’s requirement for ADME parameters. Our ADME capabilities include:

ADME Assays

  • Physicochemical screening
    • Aqueous solubility (Thermodynamic & Kinetic)
    • Log P
    • Log D
  • Drug Metabolism
    • Microsomal Stability
    • Plasma Stability
    • Hepatocyte Stability
  • Protein Binding
    • Plasma Protein Binding
  • Permeability
    • PAMPA
  • Drug-Drug interaction
    • CYP inhibition assays (Fluorescent and LCMS/MS)

In vitro assays

In vitro facilities at o2h have been developed to provide faster decision-making points for our chemistry clients.

We have doubled both our capacity as well as capability to include a range of pharmacology services to evaluate activity and/or potential liability of compounds. Our purpose-built labs include industry standard formats of fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance to help develop and optimise biochemical and/or cellular assays in a range of therapeutic areas.

o2h offers:

ADME Assays
Solubility (thermodynamic, kinetic), Log P/Log D studies, permeability (PAMPA), CYP inhibition (fluorescence, LCMS/MS based), microsomal stability, plasma stability, hepatocyte stability, plasma protein binding.

Target-based Assays
Enzymatic/kinase assays, binding assays, GPCR assays

Cell-based Assays
ELISA, proliferation/cytotoxicity, phosphorylation status, cytokine production assays using hPBMCs, signal transduction assays.

In vivo studies


o2h has an in-depth expertise in performing standard bioavailability/tissue-distribution PK studies, acute/chronic toxicology studies as well as pathophysiologically relevant experimental models for multiple therapeutic indications.

The macroscopic observations can be corroborated with a range of different techniques including but not limited to histopathological analysis, estimation of haematological and/or biochemical parameters etc. Currently, the in-vivo experiments are performed only with rodents (e.g, mice, rats). Our in-vivo models are available on a fee-for-service basis as well as a part of an integrated biology project. We also have the capability to customise these models as per client requirement. In-vivo studies are done in conjunction with CROs with whom o2h has a preferred relationship for the past several years.

Examples of in vivo models include

  • Collagen-induced arthritis
  • Adjuvant-induced arthritis
  • DSS-induced colitis
  • TNBS-induced colitis
  • PMA-induced psoriasis/atopic dermatitis
  • IMQ-induced psoriasis/atopic dermatitis
  • Cytokine release assay
  • Single dose acute toxicity
  • Repeat dose toxicity study
  • Oral bioavailability study

Integrated drug discovery

The ultimate metric to measure the success of Integrated Drug Discovery (IDD) project is the capacity to create intellectual property and value to our customers (e.g., identification of a lead compound demonstrating low nM activity under in vitro conditions and exhibiting statistically significant in vivo efficacy in a pathophysiologically-relevant disease model).

Successful IDD projects rely on efficient integration of various disciplines, medicinal chemistry experience, operational excellence and a pragmatic approach. o2h has taken a modular approach while establishing its IDD services to offer our clients maximum flexibility in their outsourcing decision.

Each of the varied module of the drug discovery process is available as a unique point of entry individually as a subset of services or as the traditional drug discovery pathway from hit identification through to lead generation and beyond. Our expertise includes – medicinal chemistry, hit identification, lead generation/optimisation, computational chemistry, in-vitro enzymatic and cell-based screening, DMPK and in-vivo models in multiple therapeutic areas. o2h doesn’t have an animal facility, the in-life phase for PK studies as well as in-vivo efficacy studies are done with CROs with whom we have a preferred relationship for the past several years.

o2h has strategic ties with several CROs in India and can help clients advance their projects to an IND application stage through chemical process scale-up and development (both GMP and non-GMP), bioanalytical studies, formulation approaches, safety-pharmacology and toxicology studies, clinical trial supplies, and medical writing. To know more about this, please write to us at

Discovery News

22 Jun 2018

PhoreMost, the UK-based biopharmaceutical company dedicated to drugging ‘undruggable’ disease targets, today announced it has entered into a collaboration with o2h discovery (o2h), an Anglo-Indian medicinal chemistry company that has in-house capability to take drug discovery programmes to the IND filing stage.

PhoreMost has built a pipeline of novel targets and early drug discovery programmes using its next-generation “SITESEEKER®” phenotypic screening platform. The collaboration will see o2h deploy its expertise in medicinal chemistry to help progress PhoreMost’s portfolio rapidly through the hit-to-lead and lead-optimisation stages of drug discovery.

Dr Chris Torrance CEO of PhoreMost, said: “Since its inception, PhoreMost’s model has been to forge a new approach to drug discovery, working collaboratively with partners in order to progress new medicines. The alliance with o2h truly reflects this, and represents an important step in our mission to bring a greater diversity of therapies to patients, more quickly and at affordable prices.”

 We have been impressed by the ability of PhoreMost’s SITESEEKER platform to systematically identify first-in-class drug targets in areas of high unmet need, and are excited to be applying our highly complementary capabilities to develop these potentially high value programs,” said Sunil Shah, CEO of o2h discovery: “Our shared vision of working collaboratively is also a testament to the strength of the Cambridge UK Biotech cluster for discovery and progressing the next generation of therapeutics.”

PhoreMost recently announced the completion of an £11m ($15m) Series-A investment round. The investment will be used to expand operations on the Babraham Research Campus and progress several novel drug targets from its next-generation “SITESEEKER” phenotypic screening platform into first-in-class drug discovery programmes.

Press Link - Phoremost and o2h Discovery

18 Apr 2018

Curza Global, LLC and O2H DISCOVERY (O2H) are pleased to announce a multi FTE chemistry collaboration to support Curza as it drives its lead program targeting dram negative through lead optimization and towards the clinic.

Curza’s lead program is a new class of broad spectrum antibiotics, focused on ESKAPE pathogens and drug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria. Inspired by a natural product, this class targets an unexploited binding site of the bacterial ribosome.

o2h is pleased to collaborate with industry leader, Curza, to tackle the rapid and global spread of antimicrobial resistance. Working through different pathways Curza hopes to design effective new drugs to tackle gram-negative infections The approach Curza has taken is unique and management is very focused to ensure their drug makes its way to patients quickly.

Sunil Shah, CEO of O2h “The rapid and global spread of antimicrobial-resistant organisms in recent years has been unprecedented. Although resistant Gram-positive infections have been concerning to clinicians, the increasing incidence of antibiotic-resistant Gram-negative infections have become the most pressing issue in bacterial resistance.”

Ryan Davies, CEO of Curza “We are very happy to be working with O2h on this program. We wanted to make fast progress with this project and O2h’s focus on execution speed is a key reason why we selected them to work on our highest priority project.

About O2h: o2h seeds new ideas in science, technology and social enterprise. We work across boundaries and take a collaborative and shared approach to innovation, and therefore we co-invest, co-create and co-execute to bring these ideas to life. o2h discovery is an integrated chemistry and biology services capability for collaborative research and o2h ventures supports early stage life science assets through seed investment. o2h is organized into 6 verticals including discovery, ventures, technology, therapeutics, co-work and community, and is co-located in Ahmedabad, India and in Cambridge UK. Please see for more details.

About Curza: Curza is a Utah-based drug development company focused on developing novel therapeutics to control antibiotic resistant bacteria. With original technology licensed from the University of Utah, Curza is in the early stages of developing two novel classes of antibiotics. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT with offices in Cambridge, MA, Curza is privately held and backed by Clarke Capital Partners and other private investors. Please visit for more information.

02 Nov 2017

The quest to positively benefit the lives of patients in the world of drug discovery means finding novel therapeutics for unmet medical needs. The biotech and pharma companies have been increasingly resorting to external innovation to supplement their pipeline of ideas and turbocharge their research-based businesses with enterprising partners with complementary ideas, capabilities and services. It is therefore hardly surprising that the top medicinal chemists working in both large and small companies have multiple partners across different continents and time-zones.

To deliver these iterative discovery projects often entails detailed co-ordination of inter-related activities and extensive multi-tasking. Project management is the hub that allows these complex matrices of networks to communicate and for the project to successfully advance. In today’s fast paced and technologically advanced digital world, providing the project manager the right tools to make informed decisions is key to successful delivery.

o2h Discovery’s innovative app Chemistry in the Cloud TM builds upon the latest advances in secure cloud-based mobile technology and integrates project management of external drug discovery programs. The app enables communication between the various scientific stakeholders essential to successful project advancement leading to faster decision making. It negates the onerous tasks of weeding out critical information that is required to take a complex decision by extracting the information from large data intensive reports and databases. These crucial decision points are now just a ‘tap/swipe-of-the-finger’ in the Chemistry in the CloudTM app so that they can speedily execute tasks anytime, anywhere. The communication covering a gamut of research activities in relation to process of research now truly happens in 24/7 real-time.

o2h announced a worldwide launch and first live demonstration of our revolutionary project management app – Chemistry in the Cloud TM on 10th September 2017 at the 19th RSC/SCI Cambridge medicinal chemistry conference to some of world’s top scientists. The app’s full suite of project management tools is available exclusively to live project collaborators and a lighter version is open for researchers looking for a quote for the synthesis of small molecules.
Nilesh Dagia ( is the COO @ o2h Discovery


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