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about the o2h kickstarter

The o2h kickstarter competition has been designed to provide a chemistry boost to small molecule focused biotechnology companies who have raised some initial funding and are in need to supercharge their chemistry efforts to meet their next funding milestone. Winners of this competition will receive a dedicated team of chemists and end to end project management support to generate chemical matter of their interest to meet their project milestones.

Over the past 20 years, o2h discovery has established collaborations with numerous early-stage biotech companies based out of the US. We believe that US Biotech startups are at the forefront of innovation, revolutionising healthcare. Fueled by visionary minds, these startups are dedicated to improving human health through innovative therapies. Recognizing the potential of these American biotech startups and ecosystem, o2h discovery has launched the fifth edition of its Kickstarter competition, specifically to support small molecule biotech start-ups in the US.

empowering early-stage biotech

We launched our first “o2h Kickstarter competition” back in August 2022 exclusively for early-stage biotech to support them boost their drug discovery research. Listen to this exclusive o2h ChaiTime episode where we discuss with some of the previous winners to understand how this competition supported their research and development efforts.

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Dedicated team of six FTE synthetic chemists of which two are experienced and four are trainees.



Six synthetic chemists at the standard cost of one FTE.



Access to a large inventory of chemicals and reagents for synthesis.



The programme would be offered up to six months.


The competition is for seed and/or pre-seed stage small molecule focused biotech companies based out of the US who have secured initial funding from recognized grant bodies or venture/angel investors, have exciting drug targets and ability to scale.

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The applications will be evaluated by the o2h kickstarter committee, and 3 winners will be announced shortly. This is a time bound competition. If supportive to the global biotech ecosystem, we will run this competition again.

evaluation committee

Sunil Shah

Business Analysis

CEO,o2h ventures and Co-founder,o2h group

Gayathri Sadasivam

Scientific Analysis, Biology

Head of Biology, o2h discovery

Andy Morley

Scientific Analysis, Drug Discovery

Chief Scientific Officer, o2h discovery

Hemal Soni

Scientific Analysis, Chemistry Synthesis

Head of Chemistry, o2h discovery
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