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Cambridge, UK: We are thrilled to announce that Routezero is the first winner of the o2h tech Kickstarter competition! Routezero’s digital tools help corporations accelerate decarbonisation action by addressing the UK and Europe’s number one source of emissions, travel. As a seed stage green tech company, Routezero is committed to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable practices, and we are excited to support them in their journey.

At o2h technology, we understand that seed stage companies face a variety of barriers when it comes to designing, building, and scaling their products. Our goal is to provide these companies with the support they need to succeed, and the o2h tech kickstarter programme is one of the ways we can help. We are proud to support companies like Routezero who are committed to making a positive impact on human health.

Dan Brown, CEO & Co-founder of RouteZero, stated that “winning the o2h Kickstarter competition brings an additional team of high-quality resources to RouteZero, enabling them to accelerate technology and catalyze the decarbonization effect for enterprises.”

The o2h tech Kickstarter competition was launched to provide seed stage life science, green tech, and tech/AI companies with the opportunity to boost their tech development and we are excited to see the impact that the o2h tech Kickstarter programme will have on seed stage companies in the life science, greentech, and tech/AI sectors. 

“At o2h technology, we are committed to helping human health in ways that matter, and we believe in working collaboratively with seed stage companies to support their digital transformation journey. This competition is just one way we are able to extend our expertise to early-stage companies who need it the most.” stated Fiona Nielsen, CEO of o2h technology.

Congratulations again to Routezero on winning the o2h tech kickstarter competition. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this innovative and inspiring green tech company! 

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About o2h technology

o2h technology is a division of the o2h group that seeds new ideas in life-science, technology and green innovation. We specialise in life-science/healthtech, tech/AI, and green innovation, and have been part of the Cambridge ecosystem for > 25 years.

o2h technology believes in working collaboratively with seed stage and growth companies by supporting their digital transformation journey through all phases of software development services, including planning, design, development, and implementation. The DNA of o2h technology is centered around the nurturing of its people, values, and culture. It reflects in the quality of our work and the way we work with each other, as well as with our collaborators and partners.

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