The performance management system is comprehensive.

It covers a detailed self-assessment which is then followed by an objective component, raw client feedback and a review of the KRA’s (Key Result Area) for the projects that the scientists have worked upon. The primary assessor has full license to collect feedback from all possible avenues and prepare a detailed assessment of the scientist along with targets for the following year. The assessment is also supported by a secondary and tertiary level assessor, if necessary. All scientists are required to provide constructive 360° feedback to supervisors. The scientist is also supported by half yearly mentor review to ensure that training needs of the scientist are reviewed and followed through into action.

o2h group has a range of supporting social and social responsibility activities to keep our team and build loyalty, such as, our cricket club, home visits by directors to meet the families, weekly volunteering programme, high investments in training, visiting speakers within and outside the field of chemistry/pharmacology. We pay upper quartile salaries and build into this a target-based bonus for the key project leaders that have a track record of delivering and managing projects. Their careers are carefully managed to ensure that they are properly challenged and enjoy career growth potential. Our employee satisfaction survey results are outstanding, which helps to explain the high retention rates.

The scientific team are paid a bonus which is directly linked to output, for example, the bonus of a chemist is currently aligned to client feedback.