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the o2h golden partner kickstarter A golden ticket for o2h approved Venture Capital groups to offer biotech startups

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about the o2h kickstarter award

We launched the o2h kickstarter competition in 2022 to provide a chemistry boost to small molecule focused early stage biotech companies that had secured initial funding, have exciting drug targets and ability to scale. We have completed three series of this competition across the UK, Australia & Israel, and now have granted ten awards.

To extend the reach of this initiative to other therapeutic-focused startups, o2h discovery has now introduced the concept of 'Golden Partners.'

Venture Capital firms, Medical Institutions, Charities, and University Technology Transfer offices can become Golden Partners and nominate new investments made into biotech companies for a fast-track 'kickstarter award.' This award provides the recipient company with a chemistry boost to help achieve their project milestones. Becoming a Golden Partner is straightforward and one can apply from our website.

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winners of o2h kickstarter competition


Alevin Therapeutics

Developing a platform of novel small molecule RGD integrin inhibitors with superior drug-like qualities



De-risking and accelerating drug discovery by combining quantum and AI


Sevenless Therapeutics

Developing technique to uncover a novel chronic pain signaling target


Five Alarm Bio

Seeking to develop drugs to slow down the ageing process


Origami Therapeutics

Developing next-generation disease-modifying protein degraders and correctors

the o2h kickstarter boost

Empowering Early-Stage Biotech Innovators in Drug Discovery. Since its launch in August 2022, this program has provided valuable support to emerging biotech companies, leveraging o2h discovery's expertise in small molecule and medicinal chemistry. Join us as we delve into the impact of this competition, showcasing success stories of research breakthroughs, resource acquisition, regulatory navigation, and future aspirations in the pursuit of transformative therapeutics.

kickstarter highlights



Dedicated team of six FTE Synthetic chemists
of which two are experienced and four are trainees.



Access to a large inventory of chemicals and reagents for synthesis.



Six synthetic chemists at approximately the cost of one chemist. No IP rights, equity, or obligation to continue with o2h discovery.



The programme would be offered up to six months.


The award is for pre-seed and seed stage small molecule focused biotech companies which have secured initial funding from o2h approved Investors.

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Sunil Shah

Business Analysis

CEO, o2h ventures and Co-founder, o2h group

Gayathri Sadasivam

Scientific Analysis, Biology

Head of Biology, o2h discovery

Andy Morley

Scientific Analysis, Drug Discovery

Chief Scientific Officer, o2h discovery

Hemal Soni

Scientific Analysis, Chemistry Synthesis

Head of Chemistry, o2h discovery

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