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Cambridge, UK: o2h discovery is delighted to announce Protai as one of the winners of the o2h kickstarter competition 3.0 which was exclusively launched to support exciting Israel biotechnology companies. Protai, based out of Tel Aviv and has developed a proteomics-centred, vertically integrated platform tailored for drug discovery.

Protai has received backing from prominent venture capital funds, including Grove Ventures, Pitango HealthTech, and Maj Invest. Led by experienced entrepreneurs and tech executives, Eran Seger and Kirill Pevzner. Protai’s platform holds immense promise in accelerating drug discovery and advancing oncology research.

As part of the kickstarter programme, o2h discovery will be providing small molecule synthetic chemistry to create novel therapies for complex diseases. o2h discovery believes in working collaboratively and would like to play our part by supporting promising drug discovery research.

Eran Seger, CEO & Co-founder at Protai said:
“Protai is excited to be partnering with o2h’s chemistry in order to accelerate our proteomic biomarker-led drug discovery and development activities towards the market.”

Sunil Shah, CEO at o2h Ventures said:
“Protai is one of the most exciting companies that we have seen in this space and led by a very dynamic team of experienced Biotech professionals with the experience of going from the lab right the way through to marketed products, we feel by supporting Protai with a Kickstarter award we are supporting a company that has the experience to develop clinical assets”

About o2h kickstarter competition:

o2h discovery understands that drug discovery research is a complex phenomenon. This can firstly require synthesis and screening of large numbers of molecules to identify a “hit”. This can be extremely time consuming and costly. The o2h kickstarter competition has been developed to provide a boost to small molecule focused biotech companies who need to supercharge their chemistry efforts to meet their next funding milestone.

About o2h discovery:

Founded in 2005, o2h discovery is a Contract Research Organisation which has an integrated drug discovery platform operating from its state-of-the-art research centre in Ahmedabad, India and Cambridge, UK. We have the in-house capability to execute hit-lead-optimization programs leading into patent and IND filing from our state-of-the-art biotechnology incubator with expertise in discovery chemistry, biology, pharmacology, and the ongoing project management of pre-clinical development. 

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About Protai:

Protai empowers drug discovery and development with proteomic response biomarkers and artificial intelligence to unlock new layers of biological insights and to combat complex diseases. Protai’s platform has made a leap in solving how drug candidates are created and validated, facilitating quicker and more advanced drug discovery, specifically through its internal oncology pipeline.

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