Discovery speed is at the very heart of all project management at o2h discovery. Effective project management and communication is an integral element of ensuring fruitful interactions and positive outcome for the project. o2h discovery has perfected, over a number of years, simple yet clear templates which enable the systematic day-to-day reporting and measurement of scientific progress in the most effective manner.

Performance and productivity metrics are the foundation of the o2h discovery operational model. The metrics are updated on a weekly basis as per the o2h discovery’s internal project management systems. Data is represented in a graphical form, where possible, and shared internally as well as with the client. o2h discovery has innovated a comprehensive system of 20 “dashboard metrics” to improve productivity & delivery performance. These dashboard metrics enable us to analyse and optimise our performance through a continuous cycle of improvement.

o2h discovery monitors a range of indicators on a compound, per FTE, project, month and quarterly level. For example, the metrics in synthesis include the number of trial reactions, successful reactions, purifications, number of steps, final compounds, average time per reaction or step, number of deadline changes per compound, delays per compound, classification of the reasons for the delay in delivery of a compound, and even the timeliness of the status reporting and despatch.