Chemistry at o2h discovery is performed at its custom-built, state-of-the art greenfield campus with 6 lab units with a capacity for 120+ employees.

Each lab unit is an IP/IT secure, spacious module with 8 fume-hoods and an accompanying write-up area. The modularity of this design enables us to provide a comfortable work-area for our chemists and also customise client-experience, while assuring high level of security. All lab units are accessible via key-card access only and benefit from an integrated engineering and central services support.

Our campus incorporates the highest standards of safe operations and the latest in both proven and experimental environmental thinking applicable to discovery research activity in the extreme Indian climatic conditions. LUX, motion controllers and low energy natural coolers are some of these features. In the lab units, fume-hoods are VAV controlled with fire-tracer extinguishers.