Communications with clients range from direct communication – the most obvious and rapid means of solving issues-to secure space on our intranet site for depositing documents and data arising during the projects.

During our initial interaction at the start of the project, we identify the optimal communication protocol with the client and follow this diligently throughout the project.

Other channels of project management and communication include:

Project status reports

One page tabulated summary outlining progress of the project, highlighting any potential issues and tracking progress against deadline.

o2h discovery Dashboard performance metrics

o2h discovery also records a wide range of performance data. This is uploaded to the secure website on a bi-weekly cycle.

Project feedback form

At the end of every phase of the project o2h discovery asks its clients to fill in a feedback form, which provides o2h discovery with objective information that is useful in improving service. This data is collated, analysed and then distributed to all senior professionals in o2h discovery.