o2h discovery places particular emphasis on enhancing the trouble-shooting time and efficiency of its scientists and hence we have a dedicated analytical suit with a ratio of 1 analytical scientist to every 4 chemists.

This suit is equipped with a multi-probe Bruker 400 Mhz NMR, LCMS, several HPLCs/mass directed PREP HPLCs, detectors, GCs, microwaves and other scientific equipment to enable high throughput purification and analysis, and provides 24/7 operational support. The performance of this critical facility is monitored weekly and held to a strict internal benchmark.

This benchmarking takes into account not only our internal usage metrics, but also embraces the standards of leading organizations in our industry. We also allocate budget to quickly add capacity if the projects demand. Simultaneously, we maintain service agreements with the suppliers both in the UK and India for timely delivery and maintenance of each piece of equipment.