Continuous improvement is the central ethos of all work carried out at o2h discovery and this has been a valuable part of our growth story, where client feedback has played a central role. Client feedback is also used internally as a component to employee bonus.

A detailed client feedback form is sent at the end of each project or at the end of the year (for longer projects). Responses from this feedback form are analysed against project priorities set in the project initiation form and this analysis is discussed with the client to ensure client satisfaction. For longer term projects, this is also an opportunity for all stake-holders to re-visit their priorities and ensure that effective research goals are set/re-defined.

Our communications are tailored to highlight any potential challenges during the project and to take immediate corrective action. In cases where any problems are identified in the client feedback form, the analysis performed with the team ensures that we learn from this experience, take corrective action and avoid miss-steps in future projects. A client feedback form is treated as a part of the operational process rather than a stand-alone exercise to continuously learn, improve and grow the strengths of our employees and o2h discovery.