o2h discovery is a highly reputed service provider of mg/g scale discovery chemistry. We have partnered with a range of well known pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies from Europe, USA and Japan.

The specialised team at o2h discovery has a broad array of experience in preparing small molecule NCEs with the requisite high quality specifications. It is proficient in utilising perse methodologies, including the synthesis of singles, multi-step, small arrays as well as focused libraries. Our scientific team is also experienced in parallel construction of focused libraries for use in hit-to-lead and lead optimisation projects.

The delivery of all our compounds is accompanied with complete characterisation data including, but not limited to, high-field NMR, mass and purity by LC-MS/HPLC/GC.

Access to databases such as SciFinder and Beilstein provides the team with all the necessary current information to modify and develop new synthetic routes.

o2h discovery shas experience of a wide range of chemistry including:

  • Chiral chemistry
  • Aliphatic, aromatic and heterocyclic chemistry
  • Carbohydrate chemistry
  • Peptide chemistry
  • Steroid chemistry
  • Nucleoside chemistry
  • Combinatorial chemistry
  • Natural product chemistry
  • Fragment libraries
  • Metabolite/impurity/reference synthesis
  • Microwave chemistry