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Global investment in HealthTech has seen exponential growth over the past 3 years, with a record $2.8 Billion raised during Q3 of 2020. Investment is being driven by AI, Women’s health and Telehealth. The HealthTech sector continues to improve the lives of patients across the globe, particularly demonstrating its necessity during the recent pandemic.

But with so many antiquated systems in place and many of the general population uncomfortable with change, how do we keep technology on the fast-track to transform the healthcare industry? In this illuminating o2h ChaiTime, we discussed previous winners in the HealthTech space, current champions and looked into the future of transformative healthcare.

The panelists
Stephanie Campbell CEO and co-founder at Bristor based OKKO Health

Stephanie Campbell has previously enjoyed a senior background in academic research and in the NHS as an optometrist. Stephanie founded OKKO Health driven by the need to deliver good quality eye care effectively to large populations, yet maintaining a person-centred approach.

Natalia Mateu CSO and co-founder at PharmEnable

Natalia is an organic and medicinal chemist who leads the development of the PharmEnable scientific portfolio.

Toby Clark Investor and CFO at ScubaTx and vTail Healthcare

Toby is the CFO of ScubaTx and vTail Healthcare Telecommunications and is a banker by background, having focused on M&A/IPOS - most recently focused on China. Following a decade of angel investing, his primary areas of focus are now in the technology and medical/healthcare markets working with early stage companies.

Craig Townsend Director of Healthcare at 42 Technology

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