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The UK is a leader in innovation and it has one of the strongest Startup Ecosystems in the World. EIS investing has been a big driver in bridging the gap from start-up to Series A investments fueling the creation of high paying jobs whilst fueling the growth of the biotech, digital health and deep-tech ecosystems.

In this ChaiTime we discussed the great opportunities for investors, using available tax-relief while at the same time exploring the impact and opportunities in the biotech, digital health and deep-tech space.

The panelists
Patrick Beldon CEO and Co-Founder at Cortirio

Portfolio Company, Wearable brain imaging which can be used at the point of care to rapidly diagnose and monitor traumatic brain injuries.

Martin Taylor Sales Director at Arie Capital

Martin has served as Head of Business Development for Taurus Asset Finance (Arie Capital’s parent company) since 2016. Arie supports companies in industries as diverse as Life Sciences, Deep Tech, Connectivity, Sports and Media Tech, among others in the UK and internationally.

Mark Brownridge DG at EISA

Mark has over twenty years experience in Financial services and prior to becoming Director General of the EIS Association, he was Head of Research and Development at Mazars, a leading UK financial planning firm.

Kirsty Greenwood VP of BD at o2h ventures

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