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This episode of ChaiTime featured four o2h-backed exciting human health companies, all of which are considering a Seed Plus or Series A funding round in the near future.

Moderated by Andy Richards, a well-known Investor and Entrepreneur who requires very little introduction in the UK biotech community, the panel featured an AI driven drug discovery company, a stem cell liver on-a-chip platform, a biotech focused on known recreational drugs for treatment of depression, and a company developing faster acting Insulin.

The panelists
Sarah Howell CEO at Arecor

Sarah has made significant strides in building Arecor into a global leader focused on advancing today’s therapies to enable healthier lives. Arecor is a clinical stage company, building a proprietary pipeline of next generation therapeutic products.

Peter Rands CEO and Co-Founder at Small Pharma

Peter is both a passionate chemist and a trained patent attorney. They have a stealth programme that is progressing toward the clinic which uses a known active recreational drug to treat mental health conditions.

Ruchi Sharma CEO and Founder at Stemnovate

Ruchi is 2020’s ‘one to watch’ top 21 entrepreneur and founded Stemnovate on the back of a $1m award from Innovate UK Innovate. She is developing an organ-on-chip platform which integrates stem cell research and tissue engineering to provide alternatives to cancer lines and animal models for drug toxicity screening.

Szabolcs Nagy CEO and Co-Founder at Turbine

Szabi has placed Turbine firmly on the map as one of the global leaders in the intersection of AI and pharmaceutical new drug discovery. His team of biologists and chemists have built a platform which can help identify and validate novel cancer targets.

Andy Richards Biotech Entrepreneur and Investor

Andy Richards is an entrepreneur and investor and needs very little introduction in the UK Biotech community. He is and has been involved in many of the success stories that have come out of Cambridge, UK.

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