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In this episode of o2h ChatTime, we brought together the CEOs of three of Britain’s most exciting biotech companies that have recently or will recently close their seed rounds with o2h ventures.

All three companies are planning Pre-A or A funding rounds and/or Pharma/Biotech collaborations in 2021.

The panelists
Dr. Tim Sparey CEO at In4derm

Tim is a highly motivated and driven individual with 25 years of experience of working in blue chip big pharma, specialty pharma and biotech. He has held CEO, business development and management positions, including at board level, in companies with interests in neuroscience, cancer, diabetes and ophthalmology.

Dr. Myriam Ouberai CEO and Founder at Spirea

Myriam has significant experience in drug delivery and biopharmaceuticals in both academia and industry. Prior to Spirea, Myriam was a Senior Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Cambridge, Nanoscience Centre.

Dr. Vid Stojevic CEO and Co-founder at Kuano

Vid has done Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from King’s College London. KUANO’s co-founder and an expert in quantum physics. Spent the past 10 years working on string theory and many body quantum physics simulations, the latter underlying the technology spearheaded at KUANO.

Dr Andy Richards CBE Investor

Andy is an entrepreneur and investor and needs very little introduction in the UK Biotech community. He is and has been involved in many of the success stories that have come out of Cambridge, UK by either directly investing or supporting from the side lines and has spent a huge amount of his personal time supporting the sector over the last 25 years.

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