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In the new world where biotech and tech are merging together, we have seen the emergence of digital therapeutics that has not gone unnoticed by big pharma as well as the tech giants.

Improving patient's health is the goal, whether we use traditional pharmacological or tech-focused modalities to achieve this. We were privileged to host this episode of o2h ChaiTime with CEO’s of four digital therapeutic companies who are aiming to improve the lives of patients using digital therapeutics.

The panelists
Nigel Pitchford CEO of Ieso Digital Health

Nigel was the former Chief Investment Officer of Touchstone Innovations, now he spearheads Ieso Digital Health providing Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) directly to patients over the internet.

Guillem Singla Buxarrai CEO of Neurofenix

Guillem is a CEO and CO-Founder of Neurofenix which provides the best tech-enabled home-based therapy experience for patients with neurological conditions.

Shamus Hushee CEO of Heartfelt Technology

Shamus is a CEO and Co-Founder of Heartfelt Technology which is developing a device to monitor heart failure at home, allowing on-going health data to be collected before a situation becomes an emergency.

Patrick Beldon CEO and Co-Founder of Cortirio

Patrick is developing wearable brain imaging which can be used at the point of care to rapidly diagnose and monitor traumatic brain injuries.

Sunil Shah CEO (Moderator)

A serial entrepreneur having begun a career in the Life Sciences team at PA Consulting group followed by co-founding two companies in the information technology and life sciences sector.

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