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MorphicTX is a Waltham, MA based biotech which grew from a few employees in 2015 to a listed company with a peak valuation of around a billion in the space of four years. We rarely get to see under the bonnet of these companies and the journey is often a closely guarded secret.

In our 7th o2h ChaiTime episode we interviewed Blaise Lippa, an author who wrote about his thrilling dilemmas any Biotech entrepreneur can personally relate to.

The panelists
Blaise Lippa Sr. Vice President

Blaise is the Sr. Vice President of Molecular Discovery at Morphic Therapeutic Inc. Prior to this, Blaise was the Senior Director of Medicinal Chemistry at Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He began his career in medicinal chemistry at Pfizer after obtaining his PhD from Stanford Uni.

Sunil Shah CEO (Moderator)

A serial entrepreneur having begun a career in the Life Sciences team at PA Consulting group followed by co-founding two companies in the information technology and life sciences sector.

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