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For a tech company to make money, one needs a market that’s ready to buy and the right features that solve the pain of the users. In the third episode of o2h ChaiTime we were obliged to host some of the most exciting tech startups with huge success stories, and some experienced investors who provided tips on launching and scaling tech businesses.

The panelists
Ray Anderson Founder of Bango PLC

Ray Anderson is a Founder of Bango PLC (BGO.L), mobile payment, a genuine technology maverick having built and sold IXI Limited building Window products for Unix (1987-1993).

Max Bautin Founding Partner at IQ Capital

Max is a Founding Partner at IQ Capital, one of the most successful European tech VC’s, recent mega exit includes- Grapeshot sold to Oracle.

Mark Warne CEO of Deepmatter PLC

Mark is CEO of Deepmatter PLC (DMTR.L), a digital chemistry platform company. Prior to this he was a Group Head at IP Group PLC.

Kamil Tamiola CEO of Peptone

Kamil is Founder and CEO of Peptone, AI meets protein physics, next generation tech entrepreneur that understands the intersection between technology and science.

Fiona Nielsen CEO of Repositive

Fiona is a Founder and CEO of Repositive, starting from Illumina she seeks to use technology to harness the power of genetics and clinical application.

Craig Townsend VP of BD at o2h tech

Craig is a commercial specialist and a tech and mobile gaming entrepreneur with 11 years experience working in tech, pharma and life science.

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