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In this ChaiTime chaired by Prashant Shah, we will be taking a behind the scenes look at the transition from deep science research to CEO. Away from the polished pitches we will be asking these recent CEO’s for their candid views on the journey and pains that characterize leading a company to market success.

The panelists
Fiona Neilson Founder & CEO at Repositive

Fiona is the Founder and CEO of Repositive and has a background in computer science. A deep interest in healthcare led her to research bioinformatics.

Will Bateman Founder & CEO @ CCell

William is the Founder and CEO of CCell Renewables Ltd and is the innovator behind Zyba, a clean-tech company focused on delivering marine renewable energy and growing artificial coral reefs.

Oliver Armitage Co-Founder & CSO at BIOS

Oliver is the co-founder & CSO of BIOS and has always had a vision that the human body could be repaired or made better through augmentative technology.

Myriam Ouberai Founder & CEO at Spirea

Myriam is the Founder and CEO of Spirea with a PhD in Chemistry and has significant experience in drug delivery and biopharmaceuticals in both academia and industry.

Prashant Shah Executive chairman at o2h group (Moderator)

Prashant is a serial entrepreneur having begun a career with the Strategy group of at Accenture followed by co-founding two companies in the technology and life sciences sector.

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