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The area where biotech meets deep tech is an area that has not only attracted the attention of traditional biotech funds but also hardened deep tech funds that historically were scared off by the word biotech let alone drug discovery!

In the 5th episode of o2h ChaiTime we discussed the powerful role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in transforming the speed and cost of innovative drug discovery as well as the evolution of the business models, collaborating with pharma, creating a large data-set, the funding landscape and more.

The panelists
Dr. Hannah Sore CEO of PharmEnable

Hannah is Co-Founder and CEO of Cambridge-based (UK) spin-out that uses advanced medchem and AI-enabled approaches to design the next generation of highly complex and specific drug candidate molecules.

Dr. Jerome Wicker Cheminformatician at ODD

Jerome is a cheminformatician at spin-out company from the University of Oxford that has developed a suite of proprietary computer-aided drug design and machine learning technologies and unique 3D chemical database technologies.

Tina M. Larson President and COO at Recursion

Tina is COO of digital biology company industrializing drug discovery by combining automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, in vivo validation capabilities and a highly cross-functional team to discover novel medicines.

Dr. Jackie Hunter Director of BenevolentAI (Moderator)

Jackie is a director of a company that uses AI to augment the research capabilities of drug scientists, radically changing the way research and development is done.

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