We have developed an active social program that has included bowling, restaurants, community work, cinema, restaurants and of course our o2h group cricket team which ensures there is more to working in o2h group than just chemistry/biology!

The team are constructively engaged in operational activity of the company and are encouraged to participate in discussions and decision making which impacts the issues that affect performance of the business.

Operational task list
All scientists in o2h group are responsible for different areas of operational effectiveness. This ensures that o2h group scientists take more pride, ownership and involvement in the running of ‘their’ lab (e.g. roles are assigned such as “Energy Saving Manager” in which the most recent electricity bill is sent to the whole team along with suggestions for saving energy). He or she is asked to report back to the operations task list coordinator on a weekly basis and the notes are distributed to the whole team.

Team meeting minutes
All o2h group communications, issues, house-keeping, safety, training, equipment, team and lab related issues are discussed with the entire team from 9-9.45am every Wednesday morning. Minutes and actions are then circulated throughout o2h group within 24 hours.