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Cambridge, UK, May 04 2022: o2h Discovery is pleased to announce an integrated drug discovery collaboration with Stingray Bio, a biotechnology company headquartered in Sussex UK, to support their new oncology drug discovery programmes.

Stingray Bio is developing novel small molecule cancer therapeutics targeting the LMTK3 kinase signaling pathway. The LMTK3 kinase pathway has been extensively validated as an essential component of cancer survival and growth in breast and other common cancer types. Stingray’s novel LMTK3 inhibitor drugs are designed to address diverse unmet needs in clinical cancer care.

o2h Discovery will offer its drug discovery platform and assist Stingray Bio in creating novel biology tools and chemistry intellectual property across the LMTK pathway drug discovery landscape.  o2h will provide its state-of-the-art facilities and broad expertise to develop key capabilities throughout Stingray’s drug development programme. Stingray will leverage numerous o2h offerings, from biology methods including in-vitro biochemistry, biophysical and cellular pharmacology assays, to synthetic and medicinal chemistry support, as well as ADME profiling and non-GMP scale-up chemistry.

Jeff Roix, CEO of Stingray Bio said: “Stingray has selected o2h Discovery to help achieve several key drug development milestones, as we translate our novel discovery programmes through hit, lead and clinical candidate stages. We look forward to deep collaboration between our teams, that will expand our understanding and ability to target LMTK3 kinase biology with novel chemistry, and ultimately deliver drugs that improve cancer patient care.” 

Sunil Shah, CEO of o2h Ventures and co-founder of o2h Group said: “The o2h Discovery Group, now ~500 persons, provides FTEs to support to >10 fully integrated projects through its medicinal chemistry and biological assay development support situated in Cambridge, UK and its synthetic chemistry, analytical, ADME and biological screening capabilities in Ahmedabad, India. We love working with the early-stage biotech companies, providing them with the flexible-firepower to grow and scale. We believe the Anglo-Indian wet lab set-up provides the best of both East and West. We will use our ‘discovery muscle’ to support Jeff and Stingray to achieve its research objectives.

About o2h discovery:

Founded in 2005, o2h discovery is a Contract Research Organization which has an integrated drug discovery platform operating from its state-of-the-art research center in India and The Mill SciTech Park, Cambridge, UK. We have the in-house capability to execute hit-lead-optimization programs leading into patent and IND filing from our state-of-the-art biotechnology incubator with expertise in discovery chemistry, biology, pharmacology, and the ongoing project management of pre-clinical development. 

o2h discovery has developed and launched its proprietary application Chemistry in the Cloud™ (CITC), the world’s first app to revolutionize the project management of external drug discovery programs. The app enables the communication between various scientific stakeholders essential to successful project advancement – leading to faster decision making. 

The DNA of o2h discovery is centered around the nurturing of its people, values, and culture. It reflects in the way we work with each other, as well as our collaborators and partners. 

For more information about o2h group, please visit and to know more about our chemistry services, please see – 

About Stingray Bio:

Stingray Bio is a new UK biotech launched in 2021 to exploit years of leading academic research linking LMTK3 to essential disease biology in breast and other cancers. Our discovery-stage programmes are progressing specific small-molecule inhibitors of LMTK3 kinase towards clinical application. Leveraging our founding team’s extensive knowledge in the structural biology, cellular and cancer pharmacology of LMTK3, we anticipate our novel cancer agents targeting this unexploited kinase will find application in diverse cancer types and therapeutic applications.

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