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Some of the challenges faced by biotech startups:

Early-stage biotech startups often face a range of challenges, from limited funding and complex regulatory and inventory requirements to scientific hurdles, intense competition, time and resource management. The complexities of drug development and the highly competitive nature of the biotech industry make it challenging for startups to navigate these hurdles successfully, leading to possible setbacks and delays in reaching their milestones. All these biotech startup challenges can possibly affect their progress to the next milestone in their drug discovery journey.

Moreover, the need for innovation and differentiation in a crowded market can add to the difficulties faced by these startups. To succeed, they often require a combination of strategic planning, strong leadership, and efficient resource management. Whereas Networking and collaboration become key drivers of progress in the biotech industry, enabling startups to access critical resources and expertise. With the right combination of innovation, strategic thinking, and perseverance, early-stage biotech startups can transform their groundbreaking ideas into life-changing therapies and products. 

A recent study from EffectiveSoft says:

“just 1 in every 5,000 new drugs completes the journey from the lab to the bathroom cabinet. 

Most new biotech startups which end in failure simply run out of money before reaching significant milestones. If these biomedical startups had just made some simple savings, they would have had a greater chance of lasting the distance.

And yet, many biotechnology companies rely on antiquated, time-consuming, and expensive manual processes. Since each extra day of R&D can cost upwards of a million dollars, the company’s precious cash reserves quickly (and completely unnecessarily) get depleted.”

How o2h Kickstarter Is Empowering Early Stage Biotech Startups:

To assist with some of the above-mentioned issues and to provide the necessary support to the early-stage biotech startups, o2h discovery launched the o2h kickstarter program back in 2022, which has completed 4 editions covering the UK, Australia, Israel, and Italy. With the o2h kickstarter program, we aim to address some of the key challenges faced by early-stage biotech startups by providing innovative solutions, including cost-effective support, expertise, resources, networking opportunities, and more.

With our latest edition, o2h kickstarter 5.0, we are looking forward to bringing our biotech startup support mechanism to one of the largest and most thriving biotech ecosystems globally: the USA.

o2h Kickstarter competition 5.0 is being launched to support USA-based early-stage biotech companies that have secured initial funding, have exciting drug targets, and can scale but need expert services to supercharge their chemistry efforts to meet the next scientific and funding milestones. 

The o2h kickstarter competition 5.0 (2)
To date, o2h kickstarter competition has awarded more than 10 kickstarter awards and assisted them in boosting their chemistry research project and program. The o2h kickstarter competition was not only able to accelerate their chemistry research program and support them in reaching their next funding milestone but also in advancing the lead program quickly.

KS winners

                                                          (Some of the previous kickstarter edition winners)                                                                                   

The o2h kickstarter aims to provide significant assistance to a range of biotech startup challenges and with its innovative solutions support them in several ways, including:

  • Cost Effectiveness: The o2h kickstarter program provides you with a team of six full-time equivalents (FTEs) at the cost of just one FTE, easing the financial burden and enabling startups to sustain and kickstart drug discovery programs and projects.


  • Access to Expertise: o2h discovery has a team of 20+ years of experienced scientists and researchers who can provide guidance and expertise in drug discovery projects. Early-stage biotech startups can benefit from this knowledge to overcome scientific challenges and achieve the next milestone. 


  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: o2h discovery’ kickstarter program aims to offer access to cutting-edge laboratory facilities, equipment, and resources that early-stage startups may not have on their own. This can accelerate their drug discovery programs and projects.


  • Save Time and Efficiency: Our o2h kickstarter program helps startups save time and money. It allows them to use six FTEs for the cost of one dedicatedly working on their projects, so they can concentrate on their other projects and move forward with their scientific work more quickly. 


  • Inventory Access: With the kickstarter competition, o2h discovery offers access to our Large Inventory of Chemicals and Reagents for synthesis. o2h discovery can provide startups with insights and support to meet regulatory requirements effectively.


  • Accelerated Drug Discovery Process: With the support of o2h discovery’s resources and expertise, Early-Stage Biotech startups may potentially accelerate their drug discovery process, reaching critical milestones more efficiently.


  • Networking Opportunities: Being a part of o2h discovery’s program aims to allow startups to connect with a network of other startups, researchers, and potential partners or investors, enhancing collaboration and business development opportunities.


  • Mentorship and Strategic Guidance: The program may include mentorship and strategic guidance from experienced professionals in the biotech industry, helping startups set clear goals and milestones.


  • Market Access and Commercialization Support: o2h discovery may assist startups in navigating the path to market and commercialization, helping them turn their research into viable products.


KS benefits


It’s great to see that o2h kickstarter supports early-stage biotech startups and also helps them build strong collaborations. Collaboration is often a critical element in the success of biotech startups, as it can provide the necessary funding, expertise, and resources needed for research and development. By offering support in establishing and maintaining these collaborations, o2h kickstarter can play a valuable role in the growth and success of early-stage biotech companies. As an example, some of the testimonials from previous kickstarter edition winners mentioned below:

           Neil, sevenless Tx   Sharon E44 

           Joshua Psylo   Beth Origami

In conclusion, the o2h kickstarter competition is a crucial and valuable platform for early-stage biotech startups globally, as it provides innovative solutions to give a chemistry boost to their drug discovery program or projects. If you are an early-stage biotech startup based out of the USA and looking for a reliable partner to kickstart your drug discovery program, the o2h kickstarter 5.0 can be the one-stop solution for you. 

To know more about the competition, please visit – and to apply, write us at 

You can also share this invaluable resource with your network/circle whom you think might benefit from it, and help other startups on their journey to success. 


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