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fund overview

o2h Ventures Limited has launched the first fund in the UK solely focused on early stage biotech therapeutic and related AI opportunities in the UK. The geographic scope shall be UK wide but will target the growing Cambridge biotech cluster. The fund is structured to be S/EIS compliant providing income, inheritance and capital gains tax breaks for UK tax payers.

A shift in focus of the large pharmaceutical companies from developing innovation in-house to acquiring innovation externally increased demand for the best science providing earlier exit options. The fund is headquartered in the Mill SciTech Park, Cambridge, where it can provide the incubation and support as part of a community to the companies it has invested in to help them achieve a critical value inflexion point. The team at o2h have access to some of the most exciting ideas through its live grass roots working relationships fostered with entrepreneurs and scientists over many years.

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Information memorandum

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EIS fund benefits

The Enterprise Investment Scheme is a government-backed initiative designed to encourage investment into unquoted and/or AIM-listed companies. It offers generous incentives in the form of tax reliefs, to investors who are prepared to take on the risks of this kind of investment.

Income Tax Relief

Loss Relief

Capital Gains tax(CGT) Relief

CGT Reinvestment Relief

Inheritance Tax(IHT) Relief

S(EIS) tax relief is very attractive for UK tax payers

You invest £50k

EIS gives you £15k tax relief from HMRC

SEIS gives you £25k tax relief from HMRC


Investment now worth £100k

£50k profit

+ £15k income tax relief

- £10k performance incentive

= £55k net profit


Investment still worth £50k

£0 profit

+ £15k income tax relief

- £0 performance incentive

= £15k net profit


Investment now worth £0

£50k loss

+ £15k income tax relief

+ £15,750 loss relief *

- £0 performance incentive

= £19,250 capital loss

* Loss relief calculated on higher rate tax bracket Worked example is net of any fund fees

the team

Cengiz Tarhan

Cengiz set up FreeMedic PLC in 1993 which he grew over 25 years and is now known as UCL Business PLC, one of the most proli c and successful technology groups in the UK serving UCL and its associated partner hospitals. Over those years Cengiz was directly involved in many licenses and spinouts including PolyMASC Pharmaceuticals PLC, one of the rst university spin-outs to oat on the London AIM in 1995, Medic to Medic Ltd which was sold to Informa PLC in 2005 and Stanmore Implants Worldwide Limited which was acquired by Abingworth and MDY Healthcare in February 2008. More recently UCLB has been at the vanguard of creating the most promising cancer and gene therapy biotechs in the UK including three

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passion for EIS investing

Large pharmaceutical companies have been closing down research centres globally for the last decade. This shift in focus of the large pharmaceutical companies has moved them from developing innovation in-house to acquiring innovation externally, forcing us prices for the best science and providing earlier exit opportunities. The team at o2h have access to the most exciting scientific ideas in the through its live working relationships fostered over many years working as a discovery services company giving it far earlier access than competitors to the most promising companies. Early stage companies often need more than just money, o2h Ventures has built a unique integrated model for early stage companies which includes the possibility of offering company’s incubation in its the Mill SciTech Park, in Cambridge, UK, and/or the option to jump-start their research activity from o2h Discovery in Ahmedabad, India. The fund is structures to be (S)EIS compliant proving generous income, Inheritance and capital gains tax for UK tax payers.

our EIS investments

(made personally by the Fund Managers)



Exonate is a biopharmaceutical company focussed on the discovery and development of small molecule drugs that modulate alternative mRNA splicing to address diseases of high unmet medical need.


From initial concept to the delivery of candidate drugs – we’re a drug discovery company specialising in cutting-edge cancer treatment.


PhoreMost® has developed a next-generation phenotypic screening platform called ‘SITESEEKER®’ to identify the best new targets for future therapy, and crucially, how to drug them. This has the potential to significantly increase the diversity of novel therapeutics for cancer and other unmet diseases, where treatment options are currently severely limited.


Talisman Therapeutics, a spinout from the University of Cambridge, is a stem cell research and development company committed to revolutionising the discovery of treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.


Science-led ambitious start up focused on the development of antibacterial compounds with novel mechanisms of action against drug resistant organisms.

Acacia Pharma

Acacia Pharma is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialisation of new treatments for supportive care of patients with debilitating conditions arising as a consequence of surgery, cancer or cancer treatment.


IOTA Pharmaceuticals has been established to bring you the tools and technologies for Fragment-based Drug Discovery(FBDD) and High-content Screening(HCS).

5 Alarm Bio

5 Alarm Bio is a company dedicated for designing anti-ageing therapies.

Small Pharma

Small Pharma is forging a new path in pharmaceutical development by bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Oxford Drug Design

Oxford Drug Design (formerly InhibOx) is a biotechnology company focused on internal drug discovery. The lead antibacterial programme has identified compounds with the potential to be developed into therapies for Gram-negative bacterial infections, including against strains resistant to multiple current antibacterial drug classes.


A UK-based leading formulation technology company delivering superior biopharmaceuticals via the innovative reformulation of proteins and peptides.


The Repositive platform enables researchers to browse through multiple repositories for the human genomic data they need to power their research.


Privitar facilitates broader use of data while adopting an uncompromising approach to protecting confidential information.
Heart felt

Heartfelt Technologies

Heartfelt Technologies exists to help patients, their families, carers and doctors, to reduce hospital re-admission rates from congestive heart failure de-compensation.


Stemnovate at Cambridge, UK are developing a ‘liver on a chip’ system supported by a $1m Innovate UK award. The platform is based on cutting edge stem cell and micro engineering platform technologies at University of Edinburgh and Cambridge University.

Metrion Biosciences

Metrion Biosciences is a UK-based Contract Research Organization (CRO) focussed on delivering a range of high quality ion channel drug discovery services.