o2h group is first and foremost a people business. 

o2h group focuses intensely on the selection process and has in place a program of campus presentations. The aforementioned along with o2h group’s relations with a range of recruitment consultants ensures that we gain access to the best talent in India and also those returning to India after completing their Ph.Ds, post-doctoral fellowships, or industrial stints. A ‘bounty’ system for referrals from existing team members has also been important in attracting highly qualified and experienced personnel. The o2h group team is carefully selected from these sources, with significant experience in drug discovery work.

Our focus on people does not end with the selection process. o2h group believes our in-house training programs to be one of the best in class. It does not only focus on science (chemistry/biology) but also includes training in business management, safety, leadership and community work. Further, we provide on-going training and education in English. We provide forums to share knowledge with colleagues and include a guest speaker program as well as a personalised chemistry/biology training to develop and broaden chemistry/biology skills and knowledge. o2h group has also developed a fair and constructive performance management system including 360° feedback essential to personal development. o2h group has a highly structured first day program of training and assimilation to o2h group which means that from the first day all new joiners will be given the perfect start, skills and opportunities to give their best. The training system revolves around a set of modules which are aligned to each stage of the career of the scientist.

o2h group understands that each member of team is a person and not a machine, each with their own needs, pressures and demands. o2h group understands and take time to get to know the individual, and where possible the family, to understand the dreams and aspirations of each individual.