In vitro facilities at o2h discovery have been developed to provide faster decision-making points for our chemistry clients.

We have doubled both our capacity as well as capability to include a range of pharmacology services to evaluate activity and/or potential liability of compounds. Our purpose-built labs include industry standard formats of fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance to help develop and optimise biochemical and/or cellular assays in a range of therapeutic areas.

o2h discovery offers:

ADME Assays
Solubility (thermodynamic, kinetic), Log P/Log D studies, permeability (PAMPA), CYP inhibition (fluorescence, LCMS/MS based), microsomal stability, plasma stability, hepatocyte stability, plasma protein binding.

Target-based Assays
Enzymatic/kinase assays, binding assays, GPCR assays

Cell-based Assays
ELISA, proliferation/cytotoxicity, phosphorylation status, cytokine production assays using hPBMCs, signal transduction assays.