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We are delighted to announce that we are back with another Episode of o2h ChaiTime Season 3.

Over the recent months, we have seen three companies in o2h Ventures portfolio either list on AiM, reverse onto the TSX and others that are considering a flotation on NASDAQ. We have seen over 100 Biotech IPOs in 2020, double the year earlier. Do our British bankers still have the scars of the fallen star ‘British Biotech’ in the late 90’s and thus happy to let the best UK biotech to float for billions across the globe or are they now happy to let these demons rest.

The Panelists
Peter Rands CEO and Co-founder @ Small Pharma Inc

Peter is a qualified patent attorney in the UK and Europe with over 10 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has always had a passion for pharmaceutical innovation. He graduated from the University of Oxford in 2003 with a first class degree in Chemistry, following which he trained and qualified as a UK and European patent attorney specializing in pharmaceuticals

Sharon Shacham CSO and Co-founder @ Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc

Sharon bootstrapped at Karyopharm in 2008 with a drug that she designed for the treatment of solid tumors to treat Cancer Patients.
There are very few people who have designed, developed and marketed a drug that helps cancer patients, Sharon goes down as one of the Biotech greats. She listed her company on NASDAQ in 2018.

Sarah Howell CEO @ Arecor Therapeutics plc

Sarah holds a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Birmingham and a Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry from the University of St Andrews. She has served in a number of senior roles in the pharmaceutical industry, including Vice President CMC & Technical Development at BTG Plc., and Director of Outsourced Manufacturing at UCB-Celltech.

Tiffany Thorn CEO and Co-founder @ BiVicTrix Therapeutics Plc

Tiffany is the inventor of the Bi-Cygni® approach and has led the Co. since its formation, and secured £2.3m in investment to date. Tiffany has experience of diagnosing and treating haematological malignancies within a clinical setting in the NHS and was awarded the Chief Scientific Officer’s ‘Rising Star’ Award for her commitment to the delivery of healthcare.

Sunil Shah CEO at o2h Ventures

Sunil Shah is a serial entrepreneur having begun a career in the Life Sciences team at PA Consulting group followed by co-founding two companies in the information technology and life sciences sector.

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