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Stemnovate secures funding from angels led by o2h ventures

‘Stemnovate’- which is advancing ‘organ on chip’ technology-has closed its seed investment round with a team of 8 angels led by o2h ventures, whose co-founder Sunil Shah is joining the board as chairman.The innovative company says the backing of the strong team of experienced Cambridge and London angels will strengthen its research and business development strategy using Bioengineering techniques for the advancement of pre-clinical drug testing.

The o2h Innovation Conference 2019 14th March at Courtyard by Marriott, Ahmedabad

Innovation is the force that powers new industries, economies and the way we live. The model of innovation locked inside the walls of a big company is struggling. Is one part of the answer a model where we ourselves create a community of collaborative innovators?

At o2h, we enjoy working together with others and not trying to go it alone not least because it’s the cross fertilisation of ideas across boundaries that can spur exciting new innovations. We are passionate about playing our part in the creation of a collaborative community around innovation in Ahmedabad, India,Cambridge, UK and Cambridge, USA which we hope will inspire all of us in these ecosystems to work ever more closely for our collective love of innovation.

We are pleased to welcome you to the second edition of this first-of-a kind innovation conference. We will endeavour to bring together an exciting community of local, national and global thought leaders and live operators from the fields of science, technology, academia, entrepreneurship, social enterprise, non-profit, investment, legal, finance, media, art, food, architecture, philosophy, poetry, film, performance art and big business.

Details of panel sessions – 2019

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The panel sessions of innovation conference 2018


Arecor secures £6M investment for the clinical development of its diabetes speciality pharma portfolio

“Investment will accelerate the delivery of significantly improved therapeutic treatments and quality of life for people living with diabetes”

Cambridge, UK., 10 September 2018: Arecor Ltd (“the Company”), the UK-based leader in developing superior biopharmaceuticals through the application of an innovative formulation technology platform, today announces that it has secured £6.0 million of investment from new and existing investors for the clinical development of the Company’s speciality pharma portfolio of proprietary diabetes products.

This £6.0 million equity investment into Arecor was led by leading UK institutional investors, Calculus Capital, Downing Ventures, and Albion Capital with significant participation from Arecor’s existing investors. BioScience Managers Limited, the international healthcare investment firm, advised Downing Ventures.

Arecor’s next-generation diabetes product pipeline represents exciting new progress in the field of diabetes that will enable important new treatment regimens and offer greater control of blood glucose to diabetes patients, which is key to improving outcomes and quality of life.

This pipeline includes:-

@ Proprietary formulations of analogues that are ultra-rapid acting and more closely match a healthy body’s physiological response to blood glucose, leading to better blood glucose (sugar) control – currently a significant challenge

@ Highly concentrated rapid acting optimised for the next generation of body-worn miniaturised delivery devices, including the artificial pancreas

@ Stable aqueous ready to use used in an emergency to treat severe hypoglycaemia and enabling future use in bi-hormonal artificial pancreas systems

These programmes will be progressed through development to demonstrate improved product profiles and health outcomes in human clinical trials.  In addition to these clinical programmes, the investment will allow Arecor to progress its pre-clinical pipeline of diabetes combination products, as well as a range of additional superior biotherapeutics addressing critical unmet needs in key disease areas.

The management of diabetes is one of the major global health challenges.  Indeed, the International Diabetes Federation (“IDF”) estimates that there are nearly half a billion (425 million) people currently living with diabetes around the world* and the IDF further estimates that if the global direct and indirect healthcare costs from diabetes are included, the economic impact of diabetes exceeds $1trillion**.

International Diabetes Federation. IDF Diabetes Atlas, 8th edition. International Diabetes Federation, 2017. Available at:

** Bommer C., Heesemann E., Sagalova V., et al. The global economic burden of diabetes in adults aged 20-79 years: a cost-of-illness study. Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol 2017; 5: 423-30.

The improved products, therapeutic pathways and personalised control that Arecor’s products can enable, will make a significant contribution to addressing this challenge.   Arecor will be taking its product portfolio into clinical development itself, however, the Company will ultimately look to partner with specialist diabetes companies for late stage clinical studies and global market access.

The Company, which was originally based on unique protein chemistry technology and insights spun out from Unilever, has refined and developed these into the ArestatTM formulation technology platform. This platform has been used extensively to improve the solution properties of numerous protein, anti-body, vaccine and peptide formulations both in collaboration with pharmaceutical partners, as well as for Arecor’s own pipeline.  Arecor has established a proven track record in applying this technology platform to deliver superior biopharmaceutical product profiles across a broad range of therapeutic areas.

Dr Sarah Howell, Chief Executive Officer at Arecor, commented: “We are delighted to have secured the investment that we need to progress our lead diabetes programmes through the key stages of clinical development.  With diabetes reaching epidemic proportions worldwide and with close to half a billion people living with the condition today, the opportunity of advancing our diabetes products into human clinical trials and their potential to significantly improve the treatment of this debilitating disease, represents a very exciting and ground-breaking proposition”.

Alexander Crawford, Investment Director, Calculus Capital, added: Arecor is applying its unique and highly regarded reformulation technology which will help transform the growing diabetes market. As lead investor, we believe this is an exciting new phase from Arecor in the development of their technology and strong growth potential.”

Dr Christoph Ruedig, Partner, Albion Capital, said: “We have followed Arecor for some time and are excited by the societal value of its fast onset, short duration action. Its technology is highly differentiated and the Company is leading the sector in the area of stabilising liquid formulations for injectable drugs. We look forward to working with the strong leadership team to bring this extraordinary proposition to fruition and in doing so, aid many diabetic patients across the UK and beyond.”

Richard Lewis, Investment Director, Downing Ventures, concluded: “As an investment opportunity, Arecor combines a solid and high margin technology business alongside a proprietary product offering that fulfils major unmet medical need.  As a result, we believe that the diabetes pipeline should successfully attract quality international commercial partners. ”

Arecor is one of o2h Ventures’ investment.

Press release – o2h acquires the 2.76 acre heritage Hauxton Mill site, Cambridge, UK with plans to develop it into the o2h SciTech Park

o2h acquires the 2.76 acre heritage Hauxton Mill site, Cambridge, UK with plans to develop it into the o2h SciTech Park to create one of the region’s most exciting community of entrepreneurs in life-science, technology and social enterprise.

o2h are embarking upon an ambitious plan to restore the derelict Mill buildings dating back to the 16th century and open a café to the public along one of the most popular heritage walking routes in Cambridge.  The o2h SciTech Park will create a new and unique landmark in Cambridge and shall include three major buildings, Hauxton House, The Old Mill Warehouse and The Cell.  The co-working and biology lab spaces will be available to entrepreneurs in what will be designed to be a highly stimulating, collaborative and innovative culture.

o2h has made more than 20 seed investments predominantly with a connection to the Cambridge region. o2h will continue to invest and support a number of the in-house entrepreneurs in the o2h SciTech Park community.

Figure 1: Hauxton Mill is a Grade II Listed building arranged over 3 stories; it was last used in 1972.


About o2h

o2h seeds new ideas in science, technology and social enterprise. We work across boundaries and take a collaborative and shared approach to innovation, and therefore we co-invest, co-create and co-execute to bring these ideas to life.  o2h is co-located in Cambridge UK and in Ahmedabad, India and has 6 verticals covering Venture, Discovery (Services), Therapeutics, Technology, Co-work and Community. See for more details.

Sunil Shah, CEO of o2h commented “We are really excited to acquire the Hauxton Mill site, this is a key part of the o2h ecosystem in which we enable and nurture great science and technology companies to flourish.  The co-work space at the o2h SciTech Park, allied to our research, seed investment and technology capabilities provide start-ups with the best possible chance to move from seed stage to commercial success”. 

Jonathan Milner, Super Angel and Founder of Abcam commented ‘I am super excited about the o2h SciTech Park which will enhance still further the Cambridge eco-system for nurturing world class life science companies and entrepreneurs. The Park will give the greatest possible opportunity for innovation, growth and both regional and international collaboration, whilst o2h’s successful track record in nurturing and building businesses will help in generating the next wave of pioneering Cambridge-based life science companies.  I already have a number of co-investments with o2h and look forward to collaborating on many more in the future.”

Press Link : Hauxton Mill


Sunil Shah, CEO of O2h,

We are celebrating o2h Collaborative Innovation Conference, Ahmedabad 2018 at 15th March 2018

o2h announced to the world India’s first-of-a-kind conference for Collaborative Innovation in Science, Technology & Social Enterprise to be held in Ahmedabad, India. o2h is collaborating with others in Ahmedabad to build a community of fearless innovators from a wide range of fields. The core theme of the conference is that innovations work best when people collaborate, share and work together across boundaries in their local clusters. o2h is inviting passionate scientists, techies, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, community-workers, artists, engineers, academics, investors, journalists, lawyers, accountants, architects and big businesses with a collective passion to design and shape new discoveries that impact society.

O2h Innovation day teaser

Dear Innovators, have you registered yourself for the o2h Innovation conference? Check the teaser for more.

We would like to invite you to o2h’s first innovation conference as part of our on-going efforts to create a collaborative community around #innovation in science and technology on 15th March 2018 at Hyatt, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad. The format will include expert speakers, a range of presentations and panel discussions which we hope will inspire all of us. Please save the date in your diary – and let if you are interested in attending this special event.
-TEAM #o2h

o2h invites you to Innovation day

o2h is celebrating Innovation day conference on 15th March at Hyatt, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad. We would like to invite you to this first-of-a kind innovation conference celebrating collaborative innovation across boundaries. We will endeavour to bring together an exciting local community of live operators in #science, #technology, #academia, #entrepreneurship, #socialEnterprise, #nonProfit, #investment, #art, #media, #creative, #engineering, #law, #architecture, #finance and big #business. We have confirmed some amazing speakers. Please register with