o2h has grown its business from collaborator references, some of which we would like to share with you. Please get in touch if you would like to contact some of our collaborators to explore working with us on your drug discovery projects.

quote  o2h have supported ….'s drug discovery activities for the past 10 years! As part of our ongoing joint collaborative agreement, …. was pleased to award o2h with their first milestone payment.  quote

UK Biotech

quote  The …..-o2h collaboration is progressing in a good direction, with recent advances in one of our series pushing potencies 100-fold since initiated chemistry in August 2015. We are looking forward to further develop the collaboration between our teams!  quote

Swedish Biotech

quote  o2h have been instrumental in spinning out …. from both investment to discovery activities which are essential for virtual biotech companies. Their business model of investment and risk sharing is innovative and they have been be very helpful and responsive to our needs as a small start-up company  quote

UK Biotech

quote  o2h have been quick to respond and support our discovery efforts with whatever is required to support the company. They are flexible and skills span beyond synthesis. A highly valued collaborator.  quote

Israeli Biotech

quote  Happy to be working with o2h, now that I'm sailing under a new flag. Thanks to the energy and effort of the team at o2h, …… is moving very rapidly to build an exciting new technology. Many thanks to all!  quote

US Biotech

quote  o2h supported our discovery efforts in a highly professional way and delivered quickly to a high purity and were also very good value for money!  quote

Israeli Biotech