IP/IT Safety

o2h understands the responsibility it has to protect the IP of its clients during a formative stage of the discovery process.

The o2h IP security model is designed to protect the IP of the clients during the project lifecycle and beyond. We have prepared a white paper to detail the IP security measures that o2h has in place to protect the IP of its clients and to provide the necessary level of confidence for the client to enter into or extend an existing collaboration with o2h.

In this white paper all procedures are examined from the set-up, communications, technological, legal, operational, infrastructure, people, culture and organisational angles. We have thus taken a lifecycle perspective to the use and protection of IP during all phases of a project. The o2h process or policy is rated in relation to the likely risk level and therefore its importance. The responsibility for ensuring the execution of the policy or process has been clearly identified.

Some of the key features include:

  • CDA signed with all employees (if required CDAs can be executed directly between clients and project teams at o2h)
  • Upfront patent assignment on MSAs
  • Mandatory checks to ensure adherence to IP Process